Pet Wellness Exam

Compassionate Veterinary Care for Dogs & Cats in Bowling Green, KY

Pet Wellness Exams

Comprehensive Care for Overall Wellness

At Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital, we are dedicated to the well-being of your beloved pet. We offer comprehensive pet wellness exams for cats, dogs, and more to ensure they lead happy and healthy lives. Our experienced veterinary team completes an examination from nose to tail, ensuring we get a complete picture of your pet’s health. From Newhall to Santa Clarita and beyond, when your pet visits us, they will be treated like one of our own.

Healthy or Sick: Fact-Finding Exams

Regular check-ups are essential for maintaining your pet’s health. At Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital in Newhall, we emphasize the importance of preventive care through routine wellness exams. Our compassionate staff will examine every aspect of your pet’s well-being, providing personalized recommendations tailored to your pet’s needs. Our wellness examinations include:

  • Physical Examination: Your veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination of your pet, checking their eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs, and many other vital areas to determine whether your pet is in optimal health or requires additional care.
  • Vaccinations: If your pet is due for vaccinations, our knowledgeable veterinary staff will gently administer them. Cat and dog vaccinations help protect your pet against common preventable diseases.
  • Diagnostics: Maybe your pet is showing signs of illness, or it’s just time for their yearly bloodwork. Our in-house diagnostic capabilities enable us to run pet diagnostic testing during routine appointments.
  • Parasite Prevention: Fleas, ticks, and heartworms can cause your pet a host of health issues. We will suggest parasite preventatives appropriate for your pet, and we can run tests for heartworm and common flea and tick-borne diseases.
  • Nutrition Consultation: There is a lot of pet food to choose from. Your veterinarian can provide recommendations for your pet’s diet based on age, weight, breed, health, and lifestyle.

Do you have questions about your four-legged companion? An examination is the perfect time to ask!

Supporting Pets Through Every Stage of Life

As our health needs evolve with age, so do those of our furry companion. Our pet wellness exams are tailored to address various factors, including age, lifestyle, and environment. For puppy exams and kitten exams, we will review everything that comes with your new furry bundle of joy: their vaccination schedules, what diagnostic testing should be done, the right time for a spay or neuter, what food is best for their tummies, and how to keep up with all that energy! Senior pets come with their own health needs, and our veterinarians can discuss their changing nutritional needs, any health or mobility issues, and whether new behaviors should be alarm bells or senior quirks. From the smallest fur babies to golden seniors, our pet wellness exams will guide you and your companion toward healthy living.

Promoting Pet Health

Contact Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital to book a pet wellness exam or sick appointment for Newhall and Santa Clarita pets. Let us accompany you and your pet on their journey to optimal health and well-being.

Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital provides wellness exams for routine care and sick pets including cats, dogs, rabbits, pocket pets, and farm animals in Newhall, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Canyon Country, Castaic, and the surrounding areas.