Pet End-of-Life Care

Compassionate Veterinary Care for Dogs & Cats in Bowling Green, KY

Pet End-of-Life

Gentle Goodbyes

It is tough to say farewell to your cherished companion, and you want to ensure that you and your pet find peace in their final moments. At Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital, we offer compassionate pet quality-of-life exams and euthanasia, providing a guiding hand in your time of need.

The Right Time for Farewells: Pet Quality-of-Life Exams

Trying to decide whether the time is right for your pet to cross the rainbow bridge is a hard decision. Our experienced veterinarians are here for you and your pet at Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital. During our pet quality-of-life examinations, we will thoroughly examine your pet, discuss their health history, and run diagnostics so that you can make an informed decision. If you have any questions, no matter how small, we are prepared to help you find answers.

  • Is your pet in constant pain that medical treatment cannot relieve?
  • Can your pet still eat enough food and drink enough water to get the nutrition they need?
  • Can your pet perform daily functions like moving around, breathing, and using the bathroom?
  • Does your pet have an illness, and can their symptoms be relieved through treatment?
  • Does your pet still seem to enjoy their life?

We know these are very emotional questions to think about. Please trust that our veterinary team will support you and your fur baby no matter the outcome of the quality-of-life exam.

A Final, Peaceful Rest: Pet Euthanasia

If you have spoken with your veterinarian and know the time has come to say goodbye to your pet, Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital offers gentle pet euthanasia. Once our caring team has answered any last questions that you may have, a sedative will be administered to your pet so they are comfortable. Take any time that you need to say farewell to your pet. When you are ready, we will give your cherished companion a final injection to put them to rest. We offer cremation services and keepsakes if you would like a memento of your fur baby after their euthanasia. Our team is here for you during this difficult time. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need grief support resources or have questions.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

When your pet is coming to the end of their time with you, call Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital for compassionate pet quality-of-life exams and euthanasia. We will give your four-legged friend the comforting treatment they deserve until the end.

Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital provides pet quality-of-life examinations and pet euthanasia for cats, dogs, rabbits, pocket pets, and farm animals in Newhall, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Canyon Country, Castaic, and the surrounding areas.