Pet Laser Therapy

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Pet Laser

Lighting Up Pet Healing

When your pet suffers from health issues, we want to offer different treatment options to find the right healing course. At Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital, we offer pet laser therapy, an innovative treatment that keeps us on the cutting edge of pet health care in the Newhall and Santa Clarita areas.

Beaming Relief Straight to Your Pet

Pet laser therapy works by using a process known as photobiomodulation, during which specific light wavelengths penetrate the targeted areas of your pet’s body. These light wavelengths increase cellular activity, repair, and regeneration. This process causes no pain to your pet and is entirely safe. Pet laser therapy can serve as a complementary treatment alongside procedures or medications or stand on its own as an alternative to more traditional methods.

At Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital, we utilize pet laser therapy to treat the following conditions:

  • Arthritis
  • Wounds and lacerations
  • Surgical incisions
  • Hot spots
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Dental disease
  • Ear infections
  • Skin infections

If your pet suffers from any of the above conditions or similar health conditions, contact us to see if pet laser therapy may benefit your fur baby.

Innovate Treatment for a Host of Benefits

Your veterinarian may suggest pet laser therapy for one or many of the benefits this treatment can provide, including:

  • Pain Relief: Pet laser therapy has been shown to provide relief from pain due to arthritis, injuries, wounds, and more.

  • Inflammation Reduction: By increasing blood flow to the treatment area, laser therapy reduces the inflammation your pet is experiencing.

  • Rapid Healing: Wounds and sprains tend to heal faster with pet laser therapy due to increased cellular activity.

  • Increased Mobility: All of the above positive factors combined may improve your pet’s range of motion.

These amazing results can start with as little as one treatment and last days or weeks, depending on your pet’s unique health concerns and how their body responds. Your veterinarian will discuss whether pet laser therapy may work for your fur baby and the best treatment regimen for their needs.

Light Up Your Pet’s Life

As pet parents and veterinary professionals, we never want a pet to suffer needlessly.
Book a pet laser therapy appointment at Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital and bring your cherished companion the relief they deserve.

Valley Lyons Veterinary Hospital provides pet laser therapy for cats and dogs in Newhall, Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Saugus, Canyon Country, Castaic, and the surrounding areas.